About Me

Personal life    I was born in Long Beach, California in 1966. Currently live in Westminster California with my lovely wife Sara and daughter Brianna. I went to Marina High school in Huntington Beach and graduated in 1984.

Work Experiance    First "real" job was at a shop called CRITERION Machine Works which was located in Costa Mesa. I started as a manual machinist and quickly progressed to CNC Programming. First programming computer was a DEC PDP-11. I was lucky in the fact that I was allowed free rein to do anything, so I spent lots of time just "playing". I learned a little about alot, i.e learned basic programming in Forth, Basic, Lisp, Ada, Pascal, APT, C, COBOL, Fortran and Assembly. I have a very basic understanding of these languages but nowhere profecient! When that computer was obsolete we purchased a IBM 286 with a very early copy of MasterCAM programming software  which I still use today. I spent 17 years at Criterion.

    About 1995 I was hired part time as an instructor aide at Orange Coast College. Again I quickly progressed to become the MasterCAM instructor which I still do to this day.

    Next I moved to a company called Budnik Wheels, where I made custom rims for automotive. I was the sole programmer and prototype machinist there. It was at Budnik that the first episode of TV show Overhaulin' was filmed while I was there. See my gallery for a few of the many rims I made. I worked at Budnik for 7 years.

    My current job is for a company called CP-Carrillo Inc. Here I do CNC programming with emphisis in automation. My computer "playing" comes in handy as I write many programs to automate the programming tasks. We make Pistons for the OEM and racing industries. CP Pistons are in just about every KTM Motorcycle as well as in the Porsche GT3 and Spyder sports car in addition to about 25+ racing teams.

Hobbies I began playing Racquetball with my father at the outdoor courts behind Marina High School when I was a freshman there. I still play, just not as competitvely as before!
I aslo love Airplanes and Cars as can be seen by my gallery  In my free time I enjoy camping with family and friends.